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Regular and Tubular Nylon Webbing

Hook and Loop

Tactical Dog Gear

Tactical Drag Strap
Tactical Drag Straps

Protective Face Masks

Medical Triage Flags

These are military grade, durable, and heavy duty medical triage flags designed to help coordinate and streamline treatment categories during mass casualty events.

They are color coordinated to align with the D.I.M.E.'s method 

1.  Delayed - Yellow

2.  Immediate - Red

3.  Minimal - Green

4.  Expectant - Blue

5.  Red cross to mark the primary medical site and aid station.

Blue is utilized over black because these are also designed to be used during night operations and as such, as set up to hold Chem Lights

Texas Tactical Designs                                       Warrior Elite Bags

The TTD Warrior Elite Bags are hand-made in the USA by a retired US Army Veteran owned company.

The exceptional bags are durable, rugged, and functional. 

In addition, they are made from authentic US military uniforms that were worn by true American heroes. 

They were in turn donated and used to train military medical providers that are preparing to deploy to areas of extreme danger to care for those serving in hostile environments.

These badass bags are made from heavy duty fabric that is 100% polyester and features a canvas from and a waterproof PVC coating on the bag. 


Drag Straps

Heavy duty drag straps with or without pouches for tactical or hunting purposes


This webbing is heavy duty and come in 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 inch sizes and 15 different colors

Hook and Loop

12 inches wide and length of your choice of 8 different colors